Welcome to the Ghost Squad lair

 What is Ghost Squad?

Ghost Squad is a group of 8 friends that want to play airsoft/paintball against other teams and have fun.  We train together using advanced and effective tactics and are a squad dedicated to stealth.  Because of the stealth tactics that we are able to preform we came up with the team name, Ghost Squad.  As a team we stick to the plan and work on having a strong attack force while maintaining a firm defense.   

This is our other forums website: http://elitecompanyghostsquad.webs.com/

 Where Do We Play?

We train at Longshot's house when available.  He has set up dozens of boards to make his backyard a C.Q.B. course.  Other times we train at Boltrig (me) 's house or other houses.  Occasionally we play at Sledgehammer or Butt's Mill Farm paintball. 

Laser Tag is cool, Paintball is cooler, but airsoft is coolest.

  Once a year we play against Claymore, Tripwire, and I's scout troop and Blazes and I's youth group.  It's always a huge battle behind our church and is really fun.

For my Birthday we will either play at Dawsonville Team Airsoft or at Golden Eagle Airsoft, Atlanta.  

Ghost squad rules.>

 Who are the original members of ghost squad?  

We are 8 members.  One stationary sniper, one mobile sniper, two gunners, and two C.Q.C. players.  When we split up into groups, we have Raider Patrol, Poison Patrol, Black-hawk patrol, and Phoenix Patrol. Here are the patrol members, their game name and position: 

RAiDeR PaTrOl:

  • Boltrig (me) cqc, assault team.  1st in command. Demos.
  • Longshot. stationary sniper, cover team, 5th in command, traps.
PoIsOn PaTrOl:

  • Vsevlod (Claymore), mobile sniper, assault team.  3rd in command, armory master/treetop player.
  • Tripwire, cqc, assault team, 7th in command, advisor.
PhOeNiX PaTrOl:

  •  Blaze gunner, cover team, 4th in command, uses riot shield.
  • Rambo, gunner, assault team, 6th in command, digs trenches/foxholes also leads scouting party..
BlAcK-HaWk PaTrOl:
  • X-ray, assault team, 2nd in command, flank.
  • MNM, assault team, 8th in command, flank
  Those are the patrol members of Ghost squad.  We divide into patrols so that we can scout around and go different directions without much noise.  Each patrol has a radio  to keep in touch.  

Team airsoft store:

Airsoft Atlanta

 Team Bands:


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