Weapons used:

I (Boltrig) use an Echo 1 non-blowback G36c as a primary weapon I keep a red dot scope, a homemade silencer, an NCstar sling, a foregrip, and a flashlight-customized with some ACU duct tape .  As a secondary weapon I use a non blowback Crossman Co2 pistol.  Both guns are 400+ fps.  I carry 5 water balloon grenades and a smoke tube also.

Blaze uses a three barrel shotgun that is 360 fps and a single shot shotgun that is 380 fps, both are pump.  He also carries several grenades and a smoke tube.

Longshot uses an L96 with a bipod, scope, and sling that is 495 fps.  He also uses a blowback green-gas KWA pistol that is 330 fps,  He carries 3 grenades and a smoke tube also. 

Vsevlod (Claymore)  uses an Echo 1 tactical AK-47 that is 400 fps and a taurus Co2 pistol that is 400+ fps.  He keeps several different kinds of grenades too.

Tripwire carries an H&K mp5 that is 350+ fps and a Taurus Co2 pistol.  He does not carry a grenade.

MNM carries an M-4 machine gun and a Thompson that are both 400+ fps.  He does not carry any pistols or grenades.

Vsevlod and I provide the other members with grenades and smoke bombs.


The image to the top right does not belong to me, but it seemed to fit the name Ghost Squad. 

Our team email is: 

(The picture above was made at


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